What is an Animated Whiteboard Video?

Whiteboards are upgraded chalkboards, and chalkboards are upgraded cave walls. Yes, man has been using a whiteboard-like tools to engage audiences and enhance learning environments since prehistoric times. Whiteboards are great tools for sketching out ideas,  brainstorming and problem solving. Animated whiteboard videos are a more recent phenomenon to help companies tell their stories and communicate on the web.

A Welcome Alternative to PowerPoint

Animated whiteboard videos employ many different styles and techniques. The animated whiteboard content can be the focus of the presentation or there could be a spokesperson “talking head” with the animated whiteboard playing a support role to the narrative in the background. Either way, animated whiteboard presentations are a welcome relief from the usual PowerPoint bullets and static slides that are so pervasive in today’s business environment.

Explain and Illustrate Complex Subjects

Animated whiteboard videos are particularly good tools for helping explain complex things. We’ve all been in situations where a group discussion derails and someone decides it’s time to go to the whiteboard to save the day. People can only wave their arms around in the air so long before the discussion subject needs to be drawn out to get everyone back on the same page.

Whiteboard videos force discipline and facilitate a logical chronological flow to a discussion. It helps you to think through the beginning, the evolution and the end of a presentation. A story needs to naturally start somewhere and that’s the first thing you draw on the board.

Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Whiteboard aided discussions are good because different colors can be used to enhance understanding and the entire surface of the whiteboard can be changed in a moment’s notice. But maybe more importantly, whiteboards keep people’s attention and help them track through a discussion. There is something electric and compelling about a whiteboard story as it is revealed.

Instant Audience Comfort Zone

There’s also something instantly comforting and often disarming about whiteboard presentations. People have been going to school all their lives with teachers in the front of the classroom using either chalkboards/whiteboards to enhance learning.

Whiteboard discussions are often about storytelling and people like to hear stories. Animated whiteboard videos help stories unfold in a compelling and engaging way.  Rather than forcing a bulleted set of reasons on why someone should buy your product/service,  along with a heading that says, “buy my product/service” you can tell a structured story that illustrates the same points in a less “salesy” aggressive way.

Your Best Presenter 24×7 on the Web

Many companies have rockstar presenters and often these people are good at telling whiteboard stories. Often this is the chief technical officer, the founder or a particularly skilled salesperson that is skilled at talking and drawing pictures simultaneously. Many salespeople love to drag the CTO into sales meetings because they know they’ll do a great job of explaining a complex sales story.

That’s when you know you may need an animated explainer video that includes an animated whiteboard element. You can’t always have your rockstar presenter in customer meetings, but an animated whiteboard video can provide the next best thing.

There are lots of ways to accomplish this. You can videotape your expert presenter and simply provide the background whiteboard illustrations, or you can audio record your expert and animate the narrative.  Either way, it’s a great way to tell your story and available for your audience 24 hours a day, whenever they’re ready to listen.

Whiteboard animation videos are natural complements to any marketer’s story-telling tools and are a great way to bring a story-based video to life.

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Animated whiteboard videos can be used to explain complex subjects or when you need that extra engagement to get a point across. There are many styles and many techniques. We’ll look at how best to produce them and how best to use them as part of an inbound marketing strategy.